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The Customer Lifecycle Success Journey

Some recent conferences we attended on “customer success” put forward some fresh perspectives on rapidly emerging innovations in what we used to call “customer support” or “account management.” Today, the name of the game is all about anticipating the customer’s journey in their experience with your product or service. The journey starts with getting to… Read More

Customer Spotlight: Ujjwal Dhoot, CMO,

This Customer Spotlight is on Ujjwal Dhoot, Chief Marketing Officer of, provider of the only one-stop shop stocked exclusively with Flexible-Spending-Account-eligible products – thereby eliminating the guessing games consumers face as to what is and isn’t reimbursable every time they walk into a drugstore. The marketing team at uses a “360-degree” approach to… Read More

Best Practices for Coupon Success in Doorstep Deliveries

Coupon Box Best Practices for Ecommerce Fulfillment

We’re excited to share a newly created best practices “solution brief” on designing coupons for use in product shipments sent to customers or “in-pack” coupons. The Direct Marketing Association analyzed 1,122 industry-specific direct mail campaigns and determined the average response rate for direct mail was 2.61%, about what marketers expect when pitching to prospects. “In-pack”coupons,… Read More

Email Trending Up vs SEO, McKinsey Research

Dramatic Stats from McKinsey on Effective Online Lead Generation Sources

Dramatic stats from McKinsey comparing SEO to email and social media lead generation sources online. Email marketing is not only effective but growing rapidly. As SEO saw a first time decline in % of customers acquired, email marketing saw a healthy increase from 5% in 2012 to 7% in 2013. Impressive. The researchers recommend sticking… Read More

Survey Shows How B2B Buyers Consume Marketing Content

B2B Marketing Technology Content

While this survey focuses on technology buyers, we believe it has broader applicability to B2B marketers looking to influence the large deal decision-making process. The Eccolo Media 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report is a unique resource aimed at technology marketers struggling to understand how marketing content consumption needs are evolving. They surveyed 503 managers,… Read More

When is the Best Time to Outsource Ecommerce Order Fulfillment?

Outsource ecommerce fulfillment

How do you know when to outsource ecommerce order fulfillment? According to eMarketer, the number of consumers shopping online will surpass 200 million by 2015. As the Kickstarter economy has shown us, this booming ecommerce marketplace has nurtured the rise of start-up enterprises selling physical products to consumers. As they grow, these start-ups often find… Read More

Is Demand Planning the Sole Solution for Inventory Planning?

Demand Planning and Inventory Planning

Effective demand planning can provide very useful information for companies that have to project inventory needs in the future. It usually involves high level statistics and financial analysis in order to serve the dual functions of both forecasting the product needed in inventory to meet customer demand levels while at the same time predicting the… Read More