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9 Ways DMOs and Tour Operators Create Value with Marketing Fulfillment Providers

Travel marketing fulfillment

Destination marketing organizations and tour operators increasingly rely on their marketing fulfillment providers to enable marketing execution at reduced cost. Gartner Research explained the underlying reason for this in its CIO / CMO Partnership Survey highlighting the shift in IT application ownership to the marketing function. Web-based fulfillment applications provide destination marketers direct access to… Read More

Getting Print Collateral to the Field Without Losing Your Shirt

Storey Publishing: Custom Garden Guides

In a recent survey of 45 mostly marketing directors or VPs across banking, manufacturing, high tech, insurance, education, and other industries, they report that print collateral materials still play an important role in selling. The question is, what’s the best way to get materials to sales people in the amount they need and especially as… Read More

Marketing Operations as a Service: Faster Time to Revenue

Marketing Operations Services

“Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing…” Gartner Research “What do CMOs want? …They want speed, flexibility, responsiveness and rapid learning— all grounded in the customer. They want ‘marketing agility.’ (Forbes) “Why? Because agile marketing organizations are able to adapt their marketing efforts, quickly and successfully, in response to changing customer behavior, market… Read More

Marketing Strategies: Direct Mail, Email or Both?

Direct Mail and Email Strategies

Marketing executives regularly come to us looking for advice on direct mail versus email marketing. Which is better? From our experience offering both services we know it depends on a number of factors: audience, message, time in market, list quality among others. Below is a review of arguments in favor of email-only as well as… Read More