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Entrepreneur Profile: Bruce Todtfeld, CEO, akesso shoes

Akesso Shoes

Our customers come in two basic varieties with a lot in common: entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Both have a lot on their plates from the very tactical – literally moving product and marketing materials into the field; and the very strategic – figuring out how to grow revenues while maintaining or lowing costs. This post… Read More

7 Ways Banks Create Value with Marketing Fulfillment Services

Bank Marketing Fulfillment Services

This article was originally posted on The Financial Marketer. Financial marketers are increasingly finding competitive advantages by working more closely with their marketing fulfillment providers. Web-based fulfillment applications provide financial marketers direct access to an array of powerful tools to save time, cut cost and increase campaign effectiveness. Here are 7 ways financial marketers create… Read More

Ecommerce and 3PL Fulfillment: IT System Integration Strategies

Ecommerce 3PL Integration graph

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established business, selling consumer products across multiple online storefronts and managing the subsequent order fulfillment operations is no simple task. Dozens of shopping cart software solutions and third party logistics (3PL) fulfillment providers offer many features to choose from. How do you know which shopping cart and 3PL combination… Read More

How Destination Marketing Organizations Rely on Marketing Fulfillment

Travel & Tourism Marketing Fulfillment

For many Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), outsourced marketing fulfillment services are the backbone of their operations. Once DMOs construct marketing campaigns to entice prospective travelers to their country/city, the actual execution of that campaign can be a time-drain. Fulfillment can distract limited resources within a DMO away from their core functions of marketing strategy, design,… Read More

5 Ways Your Product Fulfillment Partner Can Improve Customer Experience

Product fulfillment customer experience

When a customer orders your product online, excitement and anticipation ensue. There are certain expectations your customer will have for the product they have just purchased. These include trackability, on-time delivery, and packaging and presentation that match your online product depictions. Customers should be just as wowed by the physical product they unwrap as they… Read More

How Same-Day Fulfillment Works

Same Day Fulfillment Diagram

Same-day fullfillment optimizes efficiency for retailers on a tight schedule. Retailers are starting to have more same-day delivery options to evaluate, including both delivery to the customer and in-store pickup. Here’s a diagram from the Think Tank, to help visualize these options. As the below diagram shows, fulfillment service providers rely on strong web-based… Read More

The Value of a Marketing Fulfillment Solution

Marketing fulfillment solution provider

Are you looking to increase returns on marketing spend? If so, improving the efficiency of your marketing operations should be at the top of your hit list. Many marketers are turning to marketing fulfillment solution providers to improve their operational efficiency. An effective marketing fulfillment solution often involves some combination of creation, production and/or procurement… Read More

The Benefits of Outsourcing Product Fulfillment

The idea of trusting another business to handle your product fulfillment may seem nerve-racking. Whether you’re a new enterprise with smaller order volumes or a veteran business with sunk costs in warehousing facilities, running inventory management, order assembly and fulfillment in-house is likely not the most cost-effective option. Outsourcing fulfillment has helped hundreds of thousands… Read More

7 Ways We Attack Waste

Some folks wonder how product and marketing fulfillment got together. Operationally both rely on fast, efficient distribution processes for success. Each require minimizing what lean manufacturing, a decades old production optimization methodology, calls “the seven wastes:” 1. Over production 2. Over processing 3. Transportation 4. Motion 5. Inventory 6. Waiting 7. Scrap and defects A… Read More