Ecommerce Sales Hit the Trillion Mark

In case anyone needed more evidence that ecommerce is transforming our world, eMarketer announced global ecommerce sales hit the $1 trillion mark in 2012. The largest ecommerce market is North America with $343 billion in sales, up from $301 billion in 2011. Nice growth.emarketer ecommerce sales

To put this into perspective, total North American retail sales are about $3 trillion according to which means ecommerce now has well over 10% of total North American retail sales.

The eMarketer report also shows that while the U.S. leads in ecommerce market share, the U.K. and Australia lead in average sales per digital buyer at $4,722 and $4,483, respectively. This is compared to $2,847 in the U.S. The U.S. has far more buyers buying less than the average British or Australian digital buyer.

Behind this trend is increasingly sophisticated product and marketing fulfillment processes and systems. The result is easy ordering and fulfillment backed by increased trust between buyers and sellers. Anything that can be displayed in a catalogue can get from order entry to the customer or field team faster and more efficiently with smart processes and Web technologies. We see it everyday.

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