Our new site and the “Kickstarter economy”

The Excelsior Integrated team is delighted to launch our new website. We’ve invested not only in the site design and development but in time spent thinking about our place in this rapidly evolving world. We’ve engaged customers, partners and ourselves and come to some conclusions.

First, we believe in the notion of a “KickStarter Economy” as popularized by the “crowdsourced fundraising” model for creative projects ranging from the arts and comics to food and publishing among others.  At Excelsior Integrated we make, move and measure products and marketing materials so entrepreneurs and product marketers can focus on their markets.

Whether you’re a museum, a school, a publisher, a manufacturer or a startup consumer products company, you understand the complexity involved in making products and marketing materials that end up with your customers. Over decades, we honed processes and technology that combines with our expertise in production, logistics, web technologies and print to simplify that “last mile” of customer communications so critical to growing new sales and keeping customers coming back.

Second, we’re committed to evolving our business to meet the changing needs of our customers.  We’re also committed to sharing our knowledge with you here. Please follow us and let us know what you think. We value your opinion.

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