Email Trending Up vs SEO, McKinsey Research

Dramatic Stats from McKinsey on Effective Online Lead Generation Sources

Dramatic stats from McKinsey comparing SEO to email and social media lead generation sources online. Email marketing is not only effective but growing rapidly. As SEO saw a first time decline in % of customers acquired, email marketing saw a healthy increase from 5% in 2012 to 7% in 2013. Impressive.

The researchers recommend sticking with basic best practices:

1. Focus on the journey, not the click – it takes time for your target audience to get to know your brand

2. Learn as you go – try to learn from each email sent, what does the audience respond to, what do they ignore

3. Get personal – the best emails feel personal even though they’re often sent using and automated program. Learn how to strike up a conversation with your audience rather than broadcasting one message to many.



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