Marketing Operations as a Service: Faster Time to Revenue

Marketing Operations as a Service

“Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing…” Gartner Research

“What do CMOs want? …They want speed, flexibility, responsiveness and rapid learning— all grounded in the customer. They want ‘marketing agility.’ (Forbes)

“Why? Because agile marketing organizations are able to adapt their marketing efforts, quickly and successfully, in response to changing customer behavior, market conditions and business direction to the benefit of improved market share or customer value.

We recently released a white paper describing how marketing operations has traditionally managed physical assets—from tradeshow booths to sales collateral—and more recently digital assets—from websites, to blogs and email marketing systems. But today’s marketing operations teams are starting to look more like IT departments, with marketing workflow solutions provided through third party logistics (3PL) providers. We profile 5 examples from banking, travel & tourism, manufacturing, insurance and ecommerce companies. The transition is well underway.

Marketing Operations as a Service (MOaaS) has emerged to provide support for busy marketing teams in executing both physical and digital aspects of marketing operations. Small marketing teams across these industries all benefit from:

  • Improved productivity for faster execution in current operations
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models for everything from product promotion to email marketing campaign execution
  • Valuable time to core personnel on resource-constrained marketing teams, allowing more time for strategy rather than logistics
  • Increased lead generation and revenue
  • Lower marketing overhead costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More effective use of shared services across business units

Check out the white paper including five case studies here.


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