The Benefits of Outsourcing Product Fulfillment

The idea of trusting another business to handle your product fulfillment may seem nerve-racking. Whether you’re a new enterprise with smaller order volumes or a veteran business with sunk costs in warehousing facilities, running inventory management, order assembly and fulfillment in-house is likely not the most cost-effective option. Outsourcing fulfillment has helped hundreds of thousands… Read More

CIO/CMO Partnership Survey (download)

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

A major shift is happening between IT and marketing. Gartner research highlighted in Forbes magazine states “Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing, and that trend shows no signs of stopping –or even slowing down –any time soon.” The fact is, software as a service and cloud-based applications intentionally focus on their end… Read More

Demand Planning: Friend or Fallacy

Sometimes we’re asked how our Demand Planning services help our clients. In short, it’s how we mix our expertise and objectivity into one of the most challenging aspects of running a business: predicting the future. Demand Planning services gather and analyze past data and forecasts on items our customers expect to produce, kit, print and… Read More

7 Ways We Attack Waste

Some folks wonder how product and marketing fulfillment got together. Operationally both rely on fast, efficient distribution processes for success. Each require minimizing what lean manufacturing, a decades old production optimization methodology, calls “the seven wastes:” 1. Over production 2. Over processing 3. Transportation 4. Motion 5. Inventory 6. Waiting 7. Scrap and defects A… Read More

Ecommerce Sales Hit the Trillion Mark

In case anyone needed more evidence that ecommerce is transforming our world, eMarketer announced global ecommerce sales hit the $1 trillion mark in 2012. The largest ecommerce market is North America with $343 billion in sales, up from $301 billion in 2011. Nice growth. To put this into perspective, total North American retail sales are… Read More

Our new site and the “Kickstarter economy”

The Excelsior Integrated team is delighted to launch our new website. We’ve invested not only in the site design and development but in time spent thinking about our place in this rapidly evolving world. We’ve engaged customers, partners and ourselves and come to some conclusions. First, we believe in the notion of a “KickStarter Economy”… Read More