The Value of a Marketing Fulfillment Solution

Are you looking to increase returns on marketing spend? If so, improving the efficiency of your marketing operations should be at the top of your hit list.

Many marketers are turning to marketing fulfillment solution providers to improve their operational efficiency. An effective marketing fulfillment solution often involves some combination of creation, production and/or procurement of marketing materials, inventory management, web integration, order processing from sales reps and customers, distribution of materials, and reporting of important metrics. In reality, every company needs a marketing fulfillment solution that’s slightly different, and most don’t know how to measure the value of their solution. The below diagram provides a nice outline for estimating the value of your marketing fulfillment program.

Maketing Fulfillment Benefits



To schedule a free Excelsior Integrated assessment of your marketing operations, please click below. Assessments include analysis of existing fulfillment operations, gaps in process procedures, recommendations, and estimated cost savings.

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