Our New and Improved Web Portal

Rolling out our new web portal is like remodeling a home. So many great ideas and decisions to make to ensure it looks great and functions with ease. Please let us know which of the following new portal features you like and any you would like to see added. Please contact your account manager to set up a deployment and training session.

Web Portal Key Features

Place Orders: Allows you to order products, marketing materials and promotional items

  • Order Existing Items: Quickly order items from a catalogue of available inventory by adding the desired quantity and ship-to address.
  • Request A New Print Item: Complete a print run checklist to obtain a quote within 24 hours.
  • Shop for Promotional Items: Select branded giveaways, upload and adjust your logo, and purchase directly.

View Reports: Standard reports track fulfillment activities and costs to manage budgets, increase operational efficiencies, and plan for future demand.

  • Lead Source: Lead generation source activity generated via web forms or 800 call scripts.
  • Bulk Order Status: Items included, date materials sent to the warehouse, percent completed, shipment type, postage costs, tracking numbers and more.
  • Individual Order Status: Quantity shipped, method, date and more.

Manage Accounts & Lists: Use to maintain quality customer and prospect lists.

  • Customer Lists: Including lead source, kits/items selected and other key customer order information.
  • Prospect Lists: Add, delete and update individual prospect records or clean the entire list at once.

Track Assets: Allows customers to track their physical assets both in the field, and in Excelsior’s warehouse.

  • Available Inventory: Shows items available in the Excelsior Integrated warehouse or client field offices. Also shows committed, received, shipped, damaged, discarded, and obsolete inventory.
  • Inventory History: Shows inventory received and used by month. Also shows critical levels and date-last-received.
  • Inventory Transactions: Shows ship out, ship in, location moves, cycle counts, quantities, origin/new locations, item ident, and order #.
  • Low Stock: Displays the inventory available report, but only for items below a low stock point set by the client.
  • Field Inventory Status: Allows customers to update field inventory count for items existing items.

Manage Forms:

  • My Forms: Lists links to all web forms used to generate leads.
  • Request a Form: Allows clients to request a new web form.


  • User Guides: Explains how to use the portal.
  • User Admin: Allows clients to directly manage current and new users including access permission levels across branch offices or business units.