Consumer Products

Excelsior Integrated manages end-to-end product fulfillment from the moment of order placement to final destination delivery and follow up customer care.

For entrepreneurs and resource-constrained enterprises, we are your third party logistics (3PL) partner, helping you achieve immediate scalability and cost savings in your product fulfillment operations. We ensure prompt inventory replenishment and easy online access to sales, consumer response and custom reports.

We work with a diverse, consumer-oriented client base spanning shoes and apparel, packaged foods, electronics, sporting goods, health and personal care products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other accessories. We also manage production and distribution for clients with printed consumer and promotional products including art prints, cards, booklets, kits, rebates, rewards and more.

For Kickstarter and other crowd-sourced funded entrepreneurs, we manage and fulfill all initial orders, helping you cost-effectively meet your target delivery date and minimize kitting and shipping headaches!

We also provide marketing and demand generation services to help you grow your business including list acquisition and management direct and email marketing campaign execution, special promotions and rebate coupons included with each product delivered to your customer’s door.