Insurance product marketing teams need to produce and distribute physical and digital branded materials to prospects and case accounts on a timely, consistent, and cost-effective basis. Product management teams have established protocols for customer engagement, such as enrollment kits, which they must execute with each new case account. The fulfillment process can drain resources and stunt growth by shifting the team’s focus away from offer and brand development to operational execution and material handing.

Higher Enrollment Rates, Cost Savings and Improved Operations

Excelsior Integrated marketing fulfillment services alleviates process inefficiencies, reduces costs and boosts enrollment rates by allowing your team to focus back on customer wants and needs. We provide a proven process with an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade-secure web application to manage it. Clients manage physical inventory and digital assets, place orders, automate fulfillment tasks such as print production and distribution, administer staff access, and utilize in-depth reporting for program analysis. Centralized list management also enables easy deployment of outbound email campaigns and variable data direct mail programs. All team members have appropriate levels of control over marketing collateral production and deployment, while corporate staff can control total spend.

Excelsior Integrated helps busy insurance product and marketing teams to automate marketing materials fulfillment to customers and prospects. We provide on-demand fulfillment of enrollment kits and other outbound campaigns, giving your team a single online Portal for initiating, monitoring and analyzing campaign activity. Our custom marketing fulfillment solutions free up your resources, shifting your team away from the office copier in the back room, and allowing them to focus on the core functions they do best.