Order Fulfillment And So Much More…


You Don’t Need a Fulfillment Operation. You’ve Got Ours.

Now you can get enterprise-scale fulfillment no matter your volume. That means immediate scalability and cost savings on:

• E-commerce and wholesale order fulfillment
• Discounted shipping through all major carriers
• Inventory management
• Kitting
• Custom packaging
• Printing
• Returns and exchanges
• Warehousing
• Kickstarter and Indiegogo order fulfillment

Order processing is integrated with your e-commerce website or order management system. With your inventory in our warehouse, orders arrive and get shipped within 24 hours to anywhere in the US and internationally.

The service even includes a sophisticated, easy-to-use online portal so you can see and manage the entire process from a single dashboard.

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“I trust Excelsior to handle customer order fulfillment. They have provided high-level service and accuracy, enabling us to focus on sales, marketing and product development.”

— Bruce Todtfeld, CEO of Akesso Shoes


Your Customers Will Love You and Your Business Will Thrive

  1. Ensure orders are delivered as promised at the lowest possible cost.
  2. Provide end-to-end customer service from order processing through delivery and follow up.
  3. Replenish inventory seamlessly and quickly.
  4. Easily access and review clear reports on sales, order status and inventory management.
  5. Improve customer service and lead generation through excellent fulfillment.
  6. Save money through process standardization.