Complete Product Fulfillment Solutions for Axis1

Overview: Axis1 designs, produces and sells world class golf putters. The company’s innovative designs offer the first 100% perfectly balanced putters in the game and serve as the foundation for their recent widespread adoption by golfers across the country. Since 2008, Axis1 has chosen Excelsior Integrated as their product fulfillment solutions provider.

Challenge: Axis1 was looking for help in executing product fulfillment so that they could avoid operational distractions and stay focused on their core business. Running fulfillment in-house was beyond their field of expertise. There would also be costs and risks associated with investing in the necessary people and facilities. Axis1 sought a partner who could seamlessly handle product fulfillment, thus mitigating risks, lowering costs, and giving them the time to work on growing the business.

Solution: Axis1 chose Excelsior Integrated as a trusted partner to ensure that the right product gets delivered to their customers on time. Axis1’s fulfillment program includes the following services.

  • Ecommerce Storefront Hosting: Excelsior Integrated hosts and maintains the retail storefront on Axis1’s website. All orders that come in from consumers go directly into Excelsior Integrated’s fulfillment database and warehouse system. This is one of dozens of standardized processes implemented to reduce time and error.
  • Secure Inventory Management: Excelsior Integrated’s inventory management system, which includes product receiving, storage and staging, ensures security of all Axis1 putters.
  • Distribution: Excelsior Integrated delivers Axis1 putters into multiple sales channels including direct to consumer, wholesale shipments to golf shops, and distributors overseas.
  • Returns: Excelsior Integrated receives returns from customers and then updates inventory data to reflect that change.
  • Customs Brokerage: For each incoming shipment from manufacturers overseas, Excelsior Integrated uses their broker to coordinate customs and duties.
  • Web Integration: Online reporting and inventory management allow Axis1 to oversee and analyze fulfillment from anywhere at any time. Transparency is key.

Results: Each aspect of Axis1’s fulfillment program described above, gives Axis1 more hours each day to focus on growth and new product development. Excelsior’s product fulfillment solution works behind the scenes to ensure successful delivery of golf putters to customers, with extensive transparency to Axis1, yet limited effort on their behalf.

“Our company’s vision is not only to sell products, but to also build a brand. Excelsior’s expertise, courtesy, promptness, and professionalism, have made them an integral part of the Axis1 experience.” –Luis Pedraza, President/CEO Axis1