IT Integration is Foundation for Product Fulfillment

Overview: Akesso Professional Footwear was founded by Bruce Todtfeld in 2011. Akesso’s shoes are designed for healthcare professionals, with strong attention to comfort, safety and style. As a startup, Akesso came to Excelsior Integrated looking to build their business with a dependable and flexible fulfillment partner who could execute all back-end logistics.

Challenge: Akesso is primarily a wholesaler selling to retail stores, catalogs, online partners and secondarily, online to end customers. Excelsior handles fulfillment in each of these sales channels, all of which have different requirements. For both wholesale and direct-to-customer channels, Akesso processes orders through their ecommerce storefront software (Magento). Akesso needed a fulfillment partner to handle every step of customer engagement, from initial order processing to final delivery of the product, and all order tracking updates in between. Integrating fulfillment IT systems with Magento was an essential component.

Solution: Excelsior Integrated programmed its internal inventory management and order tracking IT system to communicate (through API’s) with Akesso’s ecommerce storefront, powered by Magento. When a consumer buys a pair of shoes on Akesso’s website, that order information is stored in Magento and then pulled into Excelsior’s database to be fulfilled and shipped from Excelsior’s warehouse facility. Excelsior’s system then sends information back to Magento, updating inventory levels and order tracking status as the job is completed. This two-way automated IT communication system runs behind the scenes on every order that comes in.

Results: Excelsior Integrated’s fulfillment solution, built off of seamless IT integration, allows Akesso to manage everything from inventory levels to order placement, all through a single ecommerce platform. With Excelsior handling product fulfillment, Akesso can maintain low, predictable operating costs. Akesso now has more time to focus on marketing, sales and product development.

“I trust excelsior to handle customer fulfillment and they have provided high service and accuracy, enabling us to focus on sales, marketing and product development” Bruce Todtfeld, CEO of Akesso Professional Footwear