Travel and Tourism Marketing Fulfillment

Travel Tourism Marketing Fulfillment

The Scandinavian Tourism Organization

Overview: Excelsior Integrated has provided the Scandinavian Tourist Organization with marketing fulfillment since 2006. The STO consists of the national tourism boards of five countries: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

In total the five countries have about 70 sku’s – or different types – of marketing collateral. Each country has its own marketing kits, in addition to joint Scandinavian kits, which they send to travel agents across the world. They also send collateral to individual consumers.

Challenge: STO was looking for fulfillment services for its various marketing kits and consumer requests for brochures that come in on a daily basis. STO wanted to consolidate fulfillment operations while maintaining separate brand identities for each of its five member countries. They sought cost savings that come from joint management and distribution of all their marketing materials.

Solution: The Excelsior Integrated solution included inventory management, online order processing, printing, kitting, distribution and web-based reporting.

  • Distribution: Excelsior Integrated was able to achieve cost savings for STO by sending joint mailings (with multiple brands) to certain travel agents and consumers. Before finding Excelsior Integrated, STO would often send five marketing kits to a single location. Now, STO can send one package with all five marketing kits together. This significantly reduced shipping costs and did not sacrifice brand identity.
  • I.T. Integration: Excelsior Integrated provides STO with web-based access to inventory management, reporting and order entry. Through Excelsior Integrated’s portal, Scandinavian Tourism managers can order marketing kits to be shipped to any travel agency across the country. Excelsior Integrated has also programmed forms on where interested prospective travelers can order brochures and other marketing collateral directly to their home.
  • Printing: Excelsior Integrated offered cost savings in the production of STO’s marketing collateral. For example, last fall Excelsior Integrated printed the Denmark Travel Guide, a brochure for Visit Denmark. By printing this piece in the same location where fulfillment and distribution occur, Excelsior Integrated was able to achieve significant cost reductions for Visit Denmark by eliminating shipping expenses and reducing planning and production time.

Results: Excelsior Integrated provides a central inventory management hub for all marketing operations. With Excelsior Integrated, the Scandinavian Tourist Organization found a solution that cut costs of marketing fulfillment and distribution, and improved organization-wide procedures and efficiencies.

“Scandinavian Tourist Boards has always received very personal, friendly and efficient service from Excelsior Integrated, and we have managed to cut down our distribution and warehousing costs significantly.  We’re very satisfied having Excelsior Integrated handle our brochure inventory storage needs as well as brochure distribution to our customers.”  –Helena Niskanen, President of Scandinavian Tourism, Inc.