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MountainOne Bank Marketing Fulfillment

MountainOne Bank: Branded Materials Fulfillment

MountainOne Bank completed the successful acquisition of another bank located about three hours away from its headquarters. The Vice President of Marketing quickly realized she needed to unify the combined operations under one brand, produce and distribute new branded materials to the combined entities, and establish an automated marketing fulfillment operation for her resource-constrained team. In total MountainOne has about 50 sku’s of marketing items including forms, brochures and promotional items, and over 6 geographically dispersed branch locations which use these marketing materials.

Challenge: Quickly Consolidate Operations and Automate Every-Day Fulfillment to Branches

The VP of Marketing needed a marketing workflow solution that would allow MountainOne Bank to launch the new consolidated brand within a matter of months. She also needed a long-term marketing fulfillment solution that would bring cost savings from efficiency gains while ensuring timely distribution of all needed materials. Each branch needed access to various forms and brochures consumed on a daily basis. And corporate needed to monitor branch access, while automating fulfillment operations of every-day marketing collateral.

Solution: Online Inventory Management, Ordering and Reporting

Excelsior Integrated’s marketing fulfillment solution provided inventory management, online order processing, printing, kitting, distribution and web-based reporting. MountainOne Bank now uses Excelsior’s online portal to manage inventory, place orders and access reports. All branch locations have appropriate levels of control over local inventories while corporate has control over the total spend and more time to devote to other needs.

Results: More Time, Cost Savings and Improved Operations

Excelsior Integrated allowed MountainOne Bank to achieve cost savings by consolidating vendor production and distribution to branches using new, branded materials. Each branch has its own supplies, in addition to corporate pieces common to all branches, which they use in daily operations and marketing campaigns. By outsourcing marketing fulfillment operations – out of the “marketing closet” and into the digital age – the VP of Marketing now wastes less time distributing everyday items and can focus on bigger initiatives.

“Moving fulfillment of marketing materials directly into the hands of our front line branch managers allows us to gain efficiencies while lowing costs”  – Liz Bissell, VP Marketing, MountainOne Bank