Q. What makes Excelsior Integrated’s e-commerce solution unique?

A.  At Excelsior Integrated, all of our services and people are under one roof. We will handle your inbound telemarketing, web store site, order entry, warehousing, fulfillment, customer service, reporting, database mining, and more. You gain efficiencies of scale, true cost-effectiveness, no finger-pointing and the ability to concentrate on your core business.

Q. Will Excelsior Integrated create our online store?

A. We will create your store from scratch, or adapt what you are presently using to the Excelsior Integrated system. Either way, you are assured that your online store will have the look and feel of your existing web presence.

Q. Does your system handle all major credit cards?

A. Absolutely. We provide secure transaction processing using Network Solutions SiteSafe™, and we calculate handling fees, shipping fees and applicable taxes.

Q. How do we acquire a Merchant Account to process credit cards?

A. We simplify this process by quickly adding you on as a sub-account with our card-processing vendor.

Q. Where will you store our products?

A. In our secured 100,000- square-foot warehouse facilities located in the Berkshire County, MA.

Q. How long does it take for you to fulfill online orders?

A. Within 24 hours. All client orders are immediately integrated into our warehousing and fulfillment operation, so all orders received before 2 p.m. today will be confirmed, picked, packed and shipped no later than 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Q. Do you send order confirmations to our customers?

A. Yes. Within minutes of order receipt, customers will be emailed your personalized thank you message with their Order ID. An additional shipping confirmation, including appropriate tracking information, will be emailed to your customer when items are shipped.

Q. How does Excelsior Integrated charge for their services?

A. Excelsior Integrated bills on a cost per order basis, which should be easily covered by the handling fee charged to your customers. We get paid when you get paid.

Q. How and when do we receive our money?

A. Twice a month you receive revenue, less fulfillment, shipping, bank transaction fees and any other costs chosen as part of your solution. A full reconciliation report details these amounts.

Q. How long will it take to implement an Excelsior Integrated e-store?

A. Usually no more than three to four weeks.  Fulfillment operations can begin as quickly as you ship your materials to our facilities.

Q. How do we get started?

A. It’s simple. Call us at 413-637-0600 or simply complete form here and we’ll contact you shortly.