Kitting & Shipping

Getting the right materials and products to the right people at the right time requires a closely streamlined process. Excelsior Integrated combines robust digital information systems with tight production quality controls to provide the most efficient and cost-effective kitting and shipping processes.

Whether you need to ship domestic or international, direct-to-consumer or wholesale to commercial destinations, Excelsior Integrated has you covered.

Our online shipping tool helps your team find the lowest shipping rates, as well as the most expedited shipping options for last-minute orders.

Our e-commerce clients can give their customers a suite of shipping options, while marketing teams can provide their field representatives and partners with similar options. Custom kits can be designed online and ordered on the fly.

Marketing managers can create standard kit options for their field representatives or partners to choose from. Consumer product clients can fulfill e-commerce orders as well as orders from brick-and-mortar retail customers.

Standard packaging procedures can be established at program launch, or customized at any time to react to changing consumer preference. Marketing collateral inserts, labels, and other packaging nuances are easily ordered, produced and implemented with a few mouse clicks.