Tracking & Reporting

Excelsior Integrated provides web-based reporting that allows clients to accurately monitor activity and analyze results. We have built data tracking into the core of our product and marketing fulfillment solutions, providing clients with unrestricted access to high-quality data at each step in the workflow.

Our online reports enable you to track fulfillment activities and marketing campaigns across multiple product lines or divisions, while continuously justifying expenses through ROI analysis.

Standard reports include:

  • Inventory Status: Track current inventory levels, activity, usage history, damaged and obsolete items
  • Low Stock Items: Designate low-stock points and set notifications for replenishment
  • Order Details: View status of current orders and history of all past orders already fulfilled
  • Print Production: Monitor production status and digital file use
  • Cost Tracking: Analyze expenses by line-items, personnel, departments, or product lines
  • Campaign Results: Measure conversion rates, deliverability, engagement and cost
  • Special Programs: Track coupon, rebate, samples, web-forms and other programs
  • Shipping Visibility: Monitor shipping costs and access tracking numbers for all shipments
  • And moreā€¦