Web Portal

Access to Excelsior Integrated services centers around a web application – the “portal” – clients use to provision users, view managed assets, place orders, track status and view results. The portal provides direct visibility into your fulfillment operations for improved team communications, real-time tracking, budget status reporting and more.

Key Features:

  • Custom catalogue of digital and physical assets in inventory or available for ordering
  • Easy, direct order placement by your internal staff, partners or customers
  • Order confirmations and shipping updates via email or call center as needed
  • User provisioning with permission levels organized by groups
  • Automatic replenishment of low-stock items
  • Lists managed across direct mail, email and promotional-response initiatives
  • Service usage and cost tracking for allocation to business units, partners or customers
  • Reports on inventory levels, order status, order history, shipping and tracking information, and more
  • Print on-demand or quick custom print requests on the fly
  • API support for e-commerce storefront ordering, shipping, tracking, and inventory level status across all your platforms.

Current platform integration support includes: Magento, Infusionsoft, Shopify, Ultracart, Volusion, BigCommerce, Google Checkout, Paypal, Network Solutions, Ebay, Amazon, Quickbooks and Act-On marketing automation among other standards-based systems. We’re adding more all the time!