Test Campaign Page

This is an example of a separate specialized test campaign page which will not be used in any of the site menus. So it will only be able to be accessed through the direct URL.

This is how you create these pages:

  1. First log in to your WP admin panel: http://excelsiorprinting.com/wp-admin/
  2. Next click the Pages menu tab.
  3. Click “add new” page.
  4. Add a new title to your page (this title will also be the URL of the campaign page, ie: http://excelsiorprinting.com/test-campaign-page).
  5. Fill in your content of the specific campaign, including any media (images, video, etc.).
  6. On the right sidebar in the WP admin panel, in the “Page Attributes” block, select “(no parent)”.
  7. Then select the “Campaign Page” template.
  8. Next select the “Publish” button and voilĂ , your page has been created.
Campaign Page

Campaign Page