About our Ecommerce Fulfillment Integration to ShipStation - Excelsior Integrated
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About our Ecommerce Fulfillment Integration to ShipStation

About our Ecommerce Fulfillment Integration to ShipStation

ShipStation is a software used by ecommerce merchants to manage shipments for orders funneling in from various channels. ShipStation has several pre-build integrations with sales channels such as Amazon Seller, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, NewEgg, Walmart, and many more. ShipStation is also a great tool if you need to do some shipping from your office. At Excelsior we have built an integration to ShipStation for our clients who use it as an order management tool. This allows us to hook into to your ShipStation account to automatically pull new orders and confirm shipped orders.

Automated Order Pull:

At scheduled times every day, Excelsior will automatically pull in new orders from ShipStation. Usually this occurs at 8am and noon, though the second run is dependent on your account’s same-day cutoff time. All the address and order-item information is included in the Excelsior order. The ship method can be copied directly from ShipStation or mapped by Excelsior (for example: “free shipping” gets mapped to “USPS First Class Mail”).

Excelsior has validation rules for which orders will import:

  • Status: An order must be in status “Awaiting Shipment” in ShipStation. If it is on “Hold”, “Cancelled” or “Shipped”,  Excelsior will not see it or import it.
  • Ship From Location: An order must be assigned to ship from the “Excelsior Warehouse”. As part of the setup, clients will need to setup a warehouse in ShipStation for Excelsior. Then create automation rules in ShipStation that assign some/all orders to ship from the “Excelsior Warehouse”.
  • Valid Items: All items on an order must be valid. This means the item SKUs in ShipStation must match those in Excelsior (or be mapped by Excelsior’s integration manually). This is something we’ll  review in implementation.
  • Sufficient Inventory: All items on the order must have sufficient inventory in Excelsior’s system, or we are not able to create an order.
  • Valid Data / Foreign characters: Every order must have sufficient data (all required address fields), and must have acceptable English characters.

Orders are pulled from this ShipStation API location:

Order Tagging: As Excelsior’s integration is running through the open ShipStation orders, it will tag each one to signify the action taken. It will tag the order with a green “Fulfillment in Process” tag, if that order passes all the above checks and Excelsior is able to successfully import it for fulfillment. Or it will tag the order with a red error tag, if it fails to import an order for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

Order confirmation: After Excelsior physically ships an order and it is marked COMPLETE in our system, our confirmation process will automatically mark that order as shipped in ShipStation. The order confirmation is a scheduled batch process that runs at 6pm ET and/or 6pm PT. For each order that we mark as shipped, we include the following data which populates in ShipStation:

  • Carrier Code
  • Tracking Number
  • Ship Date
  • Notify Customer – this determines whether ShipStation sends the customer an email confirmation. It can be true or false.
  • Notify Sales Channel – this determines whether ShipStation sends the sales channel, such as Amazon or Shopify, the confirmation data. Typically clients will want this to be true, but it can be true or false.

Orders are confirmed to ShipStation at this API location:

Shipping: Excelsior ships all orders outside of ShipStation, using our proprietary system. Because of this, shipment data that is sent from Excelsior to ShipStation is visible under the “Fulfillments” tab in ShipStation, not the “Shipments” tab. This can be an adjustment for some clients, who are used to seeing shipping data under shipments and within the order detail in the “orders” section.

To get started: Please talk to Excelsior’s IT support team. You will need to send your ShipStation API keys to Excelsior. Login and go to: Account settings > Account > API settings > API Keys. Generate and send those keys to Excelsior’s IT support team. Setup can take 2-3 days.