New Hampshire Serialized Inventory Management for High Value Items | Excelsior Integrated
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Serialized Inventory Management

Our logistics and fulfillment center near New Hampshire offers serialized inventory tracking as an optional service to clients with high value goods. It can be enabled on one item or all. When enabled, Excelsior implements additional item handling steps that give the client item-level visibility and control through the entire fulfillment process. Clients can see exactly when each serial number was received, know the specific warehouse shelf it is on, and which customer it was eventually shipped to. Serialized inventory management is more labor intensive and costly but allows for individual unit level tracking of a given sku which can be a requirement for some high-ticket items.

How it Works:

  • Excelsior will scan each individual unit’s serial number upon receiving new inventory.
  • Those serial numbers are inventoried, just as the item is inventoried. The quantity available (or committed, reserved, or damaged) of the item will match the quantity of serial numbers in status “available” (or committed, reserved, or damaged).
  • Any inventory transaction that happens to an item, such as a location move or a reserve, must have an accompanying serial number(s). So you know everything that happens to that serial number while it’s in the warehouse.
  • For outgoing orders and inbound returns, each item ordered that has serial number tracking enabled, must have its serial number scanned.
  • Clients can see reports in the Excelsior portal of which serial number(s) were shipped in which order. And reports on all serial number transactions.
  • Troubleshooting: If a customer reports a defect, troubleshooting back to the manufacturing run becomes easy. And if an item goes missing, Excelsior will be able to identify the exact serial number.



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