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According to one study released by UPS we came across recently “shipping costs are taken into consideration by buyers almost as often as product price.” At the same time, the growth of Amazon Prime is forcing online retailers to speed up package delivery and provide no or low-cost shipping options. So it was with interest we reviewed a research piece concluding the USPS Priority beats UPS and FedEx on delivery times and cost.

From what we can tell, the study is objective and well designed. It shows packages shipped from 3 U.S. locations to all 8 shipping zones have little difference in tracking frequency, much better time to delivery for USPS Priority (1.79 days vs 2.21 days for FedEx and 2.75 days for UPS), and lower costs again for USPS Priority ($7.34 vs $10.45 for UPS and $10.40 for FedEx).

For more on the study, see:

Keep in mind that UPS and FedEx offer other options for residential shipments than just UPS Ground. UPS Mail Innovations and UPS SurePost are often more economical methods of shipping than USPS, depending on your discounts for UPS, however, USPS is probably still a faster shipping option. UPS Ground works best for shipments to commercial addresses, while USPS is best for shipments to residential addresses so the comparison in the article is a bit off in our experience.

Now even FedEx and UPS offer alternatives for packages under 5lbs. Ironically, both use the USPS as the final delivery method. Their trucks deliver daily to the local USPS facility for delivery Monday through Saturday by the local mail carrier. Two tracking systems monitor the entire process: first, delivery to the local post office, then delivery by the post office to the final address. So even though they all compete for this business, both UPS and FedEx recognize the home delivery experts to be the USPS 6 days a week.