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What Consumers Want in Online Shopping

What Consumers Want in Online Shopping

In March UPS released a study with comScore to provide perspective for global retailers on consumer behavior regarding online shopping experience. The second UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper global study reveals that there are three areas where retail companies can improve upon in order to establish a more satisfying experience for their customers.

Provide options for delivery and payment:

Although most consumers prefer to have purchases delivered straight to their homes, many also enjoy having an alternate delivery location. This is especially high in Asia where 46% of survey respondents would rather have their packages delivered to locations other than their home. Whether it is the retail location, or a carrier location, consumers across different regions differ in their preferences for alternate delivery locations. Consumers are also interested in having payment options while making their online purchase.

Free shipping and returns:

Free shipping is one of the biggest conveniences throughout the customer’s online shopping experience. In the United States, 81% of consumers feel that free shipping is important to their online shopping experience. Often customers will opt to ship their product directly to the retail store (ship-to-store) to avoid shipping costs. Over a third of online shoppers in Brazil are willing to wait up to 11 days or more for their international orders in order to qualify for free shipping. Increasingly, free returns are also becoming more important to shoppers.

Transferable omnichannel experience driven by mobile:

Consumers across all regions are more satisfied with online shopping than shopping in the physical store. Mobile is increasingly becoming a catalyst to Omnichannel shopping, causing retailers to confront technology limitations with Mobile. It is crucial for retailers to optimize and synchronize their online and in-store shopping experience to ensure overall customer satisfaction as a whole.

Overall, content and the customer’s ability to have control are crucial to success in today’s multi-channel, multi-device world.

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