Entrepreneur Profile: Bruce Todtfeld, CEO, akesso shoes - Excelsior Integrated
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Entrepreneur Profile: Bruce Todtfeld, CEO, akesso shoes

Entrepreneur Profile: Bruce Todtfeld, CEO, akesso shoes

Our customers come in two basic varieties with a lot in common: entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Both have a lot on their plates from the very tactical – literally moving product and marketing materials into the field; and the very strategic – figuring out how to grow revenues while maintaining or lowing costs. This post provides some insight into Bruce Todtfeld’s background as an entrepreneur. We’re glad to help him succeed.

Customer Profile – Bruce Todtfeld, CEO, akesso Professional Footwear

Bruce Todtfeld is the founder and CEO of akesso, a footwear company inspired by and created for health care professionals.

What inspired you to found akesso?

I spent a large part of my career in the footwear industry, leading the dramatic growth of Timberland’s classic boot business, developing and launching Timberland Pro, a successful sub-brand of occupational footwear, and upgrading and repositioning Sperry Topsider’s product line.

I started working on akesso Professional Footwear after watching health care workers care for my wife’s grandfather during the last months of his life. I was convinced I could create a better footwear solution.

Today, akesso Shoes are currently available at select retailers that cater to healthcare professionals, and online at akesso.com.

Where did you get the confidence to start your own company?

Throughout my career, I have built, led and motivated teams to achieve outstanding results.  Prior to launching akesso, I worked with a solar energy start up and as a consultant working with various outdoor/footwear companies including Merrell and Sebago. I also earned a degree in Economics from Clark University, and an MBA from the Franklin W. Olin School of Business at Babson College.

How long have you been with Excelsior Integrated?

3 years

How does Excelsior Integrated help your business succeed?

Excelsior Integrated’s fulfillment solution allows akesso to manage everything from inventory levels to order placement, all through a single ecommerce platform. With Excelsior handling product fulfillment, we can maintain low, predictable operating costs. We’re also able to focus more of our scarce time and effort on marketing, sales and product development.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a passionate outdoorsman, and recently accomplished a goal of hiking the 48 mountains that are 4,000 feet or higher in New Hampshire. I live in Massachusetts and enjoying spending time with my wife and children.


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