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Client Portal

We provide every customer with free access to our web application, which we call the Excelsior “portal”. The portal provides visibility into your fulfillment operations, giving you quick access to inventory reports, tracking and delivery status, order placement, cost analysis, and more.


Key Features:

  • Direct order placement tool, and open order lookup.
  • Order confirmations and shipping updates via email.
  • Inventory reports including current quantities available, committed, reserved (etc). Inventory transaction history. Inventory by end date.
  • Item-specific transaction reporting for high-value goods, through serial number tracking.
  • Shipment reports to analyze cost and view history.
  • Returns reports to help you manage reverse logistics – original order info, returned items, condition.
  • Delivery status tracking of shipped packages, so you can monitor lost or late packages.
  • Low Stock reporting and automatic email notifications when stock hits critical levels.
  • Excelsior fulfillment cost reporting to breakdown per-order fulfillment fees.
  • Unlimited users per client.


Excelsior’s web-based order fulfillment system integrates with most online shopping carts, order management platforms, marketplaces, and custom environments. If you don’t see your provider on the list below, don’t worry! We’re constantly adding more.


How it works: During your initial program setup, our internal IT team will handle the integration process between the Excelsior warehouse system and your platform. Typical setup time is one week. Once in place, Excelsior will automatically pull orders from your system ready for fulfillment, and sync shipping confirmations (with tracking numbers) once orders are complete. Excelsior can also sync inventory levels with many systems.


With our integration in place, you’ll have an automated order processing workflow with consistent real-time data across your fulfillment and ecommerce environments.


Our daily operations run on the Excelsior WMS (warehouse management system), a system we have built to be scalable and flexible.

Excelsior API

In addition to the reports available anytime in the Excelsior Portal, we also provide clients access to an Excelsior API. Our API offers several endpoints including shipments, inventory, transactions, and orders. With our API you can build applications that access data from our system anytime. Write a quick script to sync Excelsior inventory levels with your system every night, or loop through open orders for delivery status issues. To learn more about the Excelsior API or get your API keys (customers only), please contact our IT support team.

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