Guide to Issuing an E-Commerce 3PL RFP - Excelsior Integrated
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Guide to Issuing an E-Commerce 3PL RFP

Guide to Issuing an E-Commerce 3PL RFP


E-commerce companies that outgrow “the garage” or find a new 3PL need a way to evaluate available vendors efficiently and effectively. This guide provides you with some guidance on how to approach the RFP process along with a starter RFP template. This document focuses on non-food, non-medical related e-commerce companies.

The guide allows an early stage e-commerce player to:

  • Target the right 3PLs
  • Ask the Right Questions Using a Starter RFP Template


The right provider can play a significant role in your company’s success, and the RFP process is a good place to begin that conversation – to learn about one another.

Ecommerce 3PL RFP Template